Frequently Asked Questions
Q - How do I know if I am eligible for the  Home Owner Grant (HOG)?
A - To qualify for the HOG, you must:
  •      be a  Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada

  •      live in BC, and

  •      occupy this residence as your principal residence

Q – When should I apply for the HOG?
A – To avoid penalty on your current taxes, an owner must apply for the HOG grant on or before the tax due date.  You should apply even if you are not making a tax payment until a later date.


Q – I applied for my grant last year, do I need to apply this year?
A – Yes, the HOG claim must be made each year.


Q – How can I find out more about the HOG program?
A – The HOG program is a provincial grant program, administered by Home Owner Grant Administration.


Q – Can I pay my taxes on this website?
A – No, you cannot pay your property taxes on this site, however most financial institutions offer the ability to accept payment for taxes through online banking. 


Q – Can I prepay my taxes with monthly pre-authorized debit from my bank?
A – Yes, the District has a Pre-authorized payment plan.  For further information contact the Municipal office at 250-390-4006 or complete the pre-authorized payment agreement.


Q – What other methods of payment are allowed?
A – You may make payment by cash, cheque and interac (debit card).  We do not except credit card payments.